IOU Awards Certificates to Hundreds of Graduands, Deputy Education Minister Attends

Islamic Online University Graduation ceremony
Islamic Online University Graduation ceremony
Islamic Online University Graduation ceremony
Islamic Online University Graduation ceremony

By Gulaid Dalha

Hargeisa (Somali Commentator) In well-organized graduation ceremony held at Mansoor, Somaliland’s deputy Minister for Higher Education  Hon Yusuf Garas was the guest of honor at a graduation ceremony held for 170 students, the first batch to graduate from the English Course  at IOU, Hargeisa.

The convocation was attended high dignitaries including the founder of Islamic Online University Dr Bilal Philips, guests, professors, traditional leaders and the country’s university representative. In his remarks, the country’s representative of IOU Saed Abdullahi Saed stated the long strive of IOU and its remarkable role to Somaliland’s education. Mr Saed reiterated the need to improve language capacity and communication skills. “When it comes into communication, students cannot grasp or convey the correct meaning to the listener,” said Saed.

The founder of Islamic Online University IOU, Dr Bilal Philips, stressed the different stages of the University and its various branches throughout the world. Dr Philips congratulated the graduands on their tireless effort and dedication to learning the most dominant language in the world. Speaking about the batch, he said, “So I congratulate our batch of 2016. Now, I would also like to congratulate students who are not representing here. There are students, for example, who are studying in 26 June High School.”

The Deputy Minister for Higher Education Hon. Yusuf Garas spoke at the graduation ceremony and stressed the tireless strive his government is in line with learning and teaching institution. Mr Garas pledged that Somaliland government will give the highest priority to the education. “The Ministry of Education and Higher Studies is in charge of the country’s education policy. We are ready to guide, point out the feedbacks, to enhance the level, to ameliorate the capacity of teaching and learning. We pledge to welcome any institution that plays an outstanding role to the education sector.”

Mr Garas also lauded the graduating students for the hard work and diligence and that they are expected to become leaders in their communities and public services and capable of becoming fully competitive in all sectors and that they are the future of this country hence the need for them to be ingenious when it comes to employment, he also urged local enterprises to invest in local talents. “English language is our second language and we are in urgent need to communicate it in all aspects of our lifes,” said Yusuf Garas, Somaliland’s Deputy Minister for Higher Education at the venue of the graduation ceremony.

Mr Garas informed on how pleased he was to attend such a big graduation ceremony that comes in the heels of a recent one at Islamic Online University. He urged the graduates to utilize their newly acquired knowledge and skills in developing the nation.