Former Vice President Lauds Talks Between SL And Somalia, Defuses Tension In Sahil Region

Ahmed Yusuf Yassin Former Vice President of Somaliland

Former Vice President Lauds Talks Between SL And Somalia, Defuses Tension In Sahil Region

By Gulaid Dalha

The former Vice President of Somaliland H.E. Ahmed Yusuf Yassin has lauded president Silanyo’s recently appointed committee for the talks between Somaliland and Somalia that is going to be held in Turkey.

Hon. Ahmed stated that this was an imperative step taken forward by President Silanyo’s administration and said he would like to reduce the number of participants in both sides for better quality talks to be found in the negotiating table. Speaking about how well he is pleased with the talks between the two states; SL and Somalia, Mr Yassin said, “I rejoiced after hearing the news. This is a laudable measure that President Silanyo’s administration accomplished and it would be a better idea for the number of participants get reduced for example, we can select seven effective senior officers including the Foreign Minister.” Ahmed Yusuf Yassin, former Vice President of Somaliland, also stated that it is important to extend the conciliation as all Somali inhabited regions take part and come to the negotiation table. On the other hand, Mr Yassin rebutted the role of Turkey on the talks. He stated that Turkey should not be part of the issue but should only facilitate the task. Talking about this, the former vice president Hon Ahmed Yusuf said, “Turkey should only host and facilitate the talks but should not interfere the discussing points.

Ahmed Yousuf Yassin, Former Vice President Of Somaliland

Turkey sponsored the previous rounds of the talks although as both sides were convinced for Turkey’s neutrality on the venue. Although Somaliland dismissed the talks in March after refusing the likelihood of attending in Turkey and selecting people hailing from Somaliland for the talks, still the International Community boosts and praises the talks and calls on the continuation.

On Tuesday Somaliland’s FM Saad Ali Shire stated while speaking to the House of Representatives that his government will resume talks with Somalia which they shunned last year after Turkey lost its mediation.

Somaliland, a successor state to the former British Protectorate, is a self-declared republic in the northern of Somalia still seeks an international recognition.