SOMALILAND: NEC Tells Kulmiye and Waddani to Stop Using Voter Registration for Party Campaigns

Leaders of Somaliland Political Parties
Leaders of Somaliland Political Parties
Leaders of Somaliland Political Parties: UCID, KULMIYE and WADDANI

Hargeisa ( Somali Commentator) – The national Electoral Commission (NEC) has given the political parties a warning about their activities in the regions where the voter registration is being undertaken; NEC’s four written directives strictly limit the movement of political parties in regions undergoing the voter registration, this came after the opposition party UCID  raised a complaint against the other two parties, UCID accused Kulmiye and Wadani of using the voter registration as part of their party campaigns.

This written directives carrying the signature of NEC’s chairman Eng. Abduqadir Iiman Warsame and addressed to the chairpersons of the three political parties  said the following  “ The National Electoral Commission appreciates the three political parties and the presidency for their role in the successful voter registration we have had so far; however, there is a concern that Kulmiye and Wadani are mixing the voter registration process with their party campaigns particularly in Awdal and Togdheer regions. to avoid and prevent anything that might hamper the smooth continuation and completion of the voter registration; the National Electoral Commission has issued the following four directives to the three political parties :

  1. AS of 8th March, 2016 the three chairpersons of the political parties are barred from going to the province that is to host the voter registration 15 days before the start of the voter registration in that province.
  2. The chairmen of the three parties and a delegation of 7 party officials are allowed to attend the voter registration opening party in the different regions; they are allowed to be there the day of the opining party and the preceding three days; they are not allowed to drive more than five cars, with no stickers, posters or party slogans.
  3. The three parties are warned off posters and billboards carrying the pictures and the names of those claiming to be competing for parliamentary seats in big cities.
  4. Every party that fails to meet those directives will be punished with NEC’s voter registration code of conduct and other concerning voter registration and electoral laws.

Source: The Republican