“Not Shame To Earn”



By Hassan Essa

Hargeisa (Somali Commentator)I started working in Waahen Market when I was 17. I was very lucky that I was a young businessman and at the same time bright student earning as part time. I was loyal and dedicated to my work. I also used to serve for strangers because my proficiency in English and Arabic and my excellence in customer satisfaction. In the business field, I came to know with huge customers and a lot of merchants coupled with tremendous experience and leanings. In addition, there is nothing people want to see more than hard-working, intelligent and dedicated young professional who succeeds.I always had as formula “add value” which is to excel and improve.

In my point of view, earning was the ideal. I was not convinced earning to get money, but to turn the tides of disbelieving that earning is worthless.

Earning gives more confidence, experience and achievements in all spheres of life. More importantly, you will introduce strong economic performance and appreciation. Earning leads to self-sufficiency, self-motivation and provides to stress-free atmosphere.

Similarly, earning exists solely to keep yourself out of the severe deteriorating financial condition in the country since employment is means of hiding out.

One problem, however, is that young people are unwilling to work in low-class business. By the same token, too many fresh graduates from high schools and universities shy away to be hired in small-scale businesses as result, higher rate of unemployment.

I would like to share very touching with the of story Ismail, a civil engineer, in Hargeisa, ( not the exact name), a civil engineer in Hargeisa: “Jama (not the exact name) has been my classmate in primary and secondary education except his university that was different, since that time I knew him with competency and hard work.”  Ismail mentioned.

“One day, on my site visits I unexpectedly met with Jama at the site as COOLIE (unskilled labor). However, Jama did want us to meet like this place, as every one of us want to.” Added by Ismail.

“I appreciated his confidence and courageous made him earning, urging him doing the right thing. Later, three days to continue and Jama dis appeared” Ismail concluded.

Stories like this are endless. Indeed, no matter how limited in size the business you work in (because you don’t own it) but, is this business for you means to survive? Could you realize your dreams in it, could you be promoted at it? And so on.

As a final point, my attempt is to convince that it’s ‘not shame to earn’


Hassan Essa

Master of Project Management

Amoud University

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Gollis University