Today Indeed Somaliland Is Covered With Shame and Misery

Ibrahim M Mead

 (Inal khizya wasooa calaa xukuumad Ardul somaal)

(Somali Commentator)Look what they have done with their souls, look what they have done with their country which was founded with the blood and the treasure of the forgotten heroes!

Look at the intellectual deficiency and the moral insolvency that is prevailing in government circles. Look at how the deviants running the country are dragging the dignity and the character of Somaliland in the dirt. Look at how the Somaliland haters calling us names which does not belong to us to despise us! Indeed Somaliland is covered with shame and misery.

In the absence of a legitimate and a functioning parliament and in the absence of credible opposition parties and the presence of a defunct and illegitimate executive branch, the defunct government is on a free way with no stops at all!

The presence of a mindless deceptive and corrupt administration is further compounded by the absence of serious opposition parties. That situation emboldened the deviant Somaliland haters to call her all kind of names which does not belong her to despise Mother Somaliland. thus far no serious government official properly addressed the aggression and the haughtiness of Geele of Djibouti

To day indeed Somaliland is covered with shame with self inflicted shame. It is covered with self inflicted disaster and misery. Now all the Somaliland haters smell blood and already started to attack Somaliland. First they disregarded and dismissed Somaliland and then they attack her politically and otherwise. It is all by Somaliland leadership making otherwise all these haters wouldn’t deny the name Somaliland and call her some thing else she is not. It is not them the haters to be blamed because they based their policy on hate and denial of the existence of Somaliland; it is Somaliland people and government who are to be blamed.

Ibrahim M Mead
Ibrahim M Mead

It is absurd knowing what we know now, seeing what we are seeing now and hearing what we are hearing now to say that the ruling clique in Somaliland really represents the national interest of Somaliland. The state became a tool of the oligarch of Siilanyo’s government. That means the state supplies the self-indulgence of the oligarchs Therefore it is the state that represents Siilanyo’s interest and not Siilanyo representing the state’s interest. Unfortunately the so called opposition parties did not show us thus far that they are the hope and the alternative of the catastrophic and illusory administration of Siilanyo! It is all apparent that they are just fighting to take over that haunted dwellings which was supposed to be bulldozed long time ago but instead houses the Presidency

In fact Somaliland is in political crises already. The difference is that it did not yet explode. It will fatally explode in a way we never wanted and never fathomed of if not wisely and intelligently dealt with wisdom and courage, but again who will do that?
The worst in us is active and the worst of us are running the show.


Thus peace and prayers

Ibrahim M Mead
Ottawa, Canada