Kulmiye Mp Urges The Civil Servants To Contribute Their Salary To The Drougth Afflicted People

The veteran MP Ahmed Mohamed Derie Nacnac

By Gulaid Dalha

(Somali Commentator)Emitting emotional patriotism to the harsh drought afflicted people, the veteran MP Ahmed Mohamed Derie popularly known as Nacnac called on the civil servants and MPs to contribute their salary to the weak people who lost their livestock in the harshest catastrophe ever experienced in Somaliland. Mr Nacnac emphasized the need to distribute food, water and medicine to the poor people and to proceed the relief efforts of monumental help. “The drought affliction is very severe and serious – it is a great apocalypse. You have heard the death of the people due to the famine. We no longer assume the precarious plight so we must sooner react. To save the victims, we as MPs and civil servants should donate our salary to the relief committee tasked to the problem,” said Nacnac.

The veteran MP Ahmed Mohamed Derie Nacnac
The veteran MP Ahmed Mohamed Derie Nacnac

The MP also spurred the International Community, Islamic NGOs and every Muslim to fully participate the alleviation of the catastrophe.