Somaliland: Diseases Outbreak As A Result Of The Harsh Drought – Awdal Region Governor

Mohamoud Saleebaan Ramah Awdal Region Governor


By Gulaid Dalha


Mohamoud Saleebaan Ramah Awdal Region Governor
Mohamoud Saleebaan Ramah
Awdal Region Governor

(Somali Commentator)The governor of Awdal Region Hon Mohamoud Ali Saleebaan better known as Ramah has confirmed the death of two persons following the harsh famine that gripped Faro-Lagu-Hidh area. “Many people are now facing famine situation unless a vast emergency aid is launched. Two people have now lost their lives due to the serious famine, making the number of deaths we, have, so far received 8 persons,” said Mr Ramaah, Awdal governor.

Mr Ramah ordered the swift action of the severe drought that battered the western regions in particular – he called the government, public civil staff and the servicemen to tackle the so-called drought-alleviation. In his press to the media on Friday, Mr Ramah told the reporters that the drought in Awdal and Selel regions is an alarming situation as it has claimed the lives of the eight residents so far.  Mr Ramah said that Awdal and Selel residents are in dire need of aid.

Awdal governor reiterated the doubling and quadrupling of the relief efforts to save the people as drought in its spate claiming lives of the elderly and toddlers. “The lack of food and water has brought about more general malaise and hence the death of people,” said the governor. While speaking about how likely this calamity may cause disease outbreaks, Awdal governor said, “As a result of the protracted hunger and thirst diarrhea has arisen.”

For the past three seasons severe drought has afflicted the country while the government on Friday sent an urgent appeal to the International Community. The government also promised food and water aid as a quid pro quo for the drought-battered areas.