SOMALILAND: Cabinet Ministers Inaugurate A New, Aid Centre To Tackling Stringent Drought Apocalypse

Drought afflicted queuing for the aid

By Gulaid Dalha

Somali Commentator – A high ranking delegation of cabinet ministers headed by Somaliland’s Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran-adde has led two convoys carrying all the relief items such as food, water and pasture to western regions. The minister distributed the basic needs to the drought afflicted people in Geerisa, a small town in the midst of Awdal and Selel regions. By the way the cabinet ministers inaugurated a new aid centre for the people residing Geerisa.

Two convoys comprising all the basic needs dispatched from Hargeisa; one was led by Somaliland Vice President of Abdirahman Saylei. The Minister of Interior was in charge of the other convoy. Following the state’s intensification on the drought relief supply efforts. Hordes of drought battered populace were distributed these items. “The drought is not as it was previously thought. The drought was very severe in the west than the rest of the country but now the situation worsened and the people are in dire need,” said Somaliland’s Interior Minister Ali Mohamed Waran-adde.

The regions in the west of Somaliland are suffering from one of the harshest years in memory. Severe shortages of food, water and pasture along with spiraling food prices and the claims of death in livestock have plunged many families into destitution. This news hits the emotions of the populace in the region day-in-day-out for the last two years.

The needy people with shaky livestock are traveling long distances in quest for food and pasture is in the middle of nowhere.

The UN and NGOs are calling for an emergency aid. Telecommunication companies are also playing their role. Due to the vastness of the apocalyptic drought, so far the relief committee for funding has not alleviated the drought as needed.