Somaliland: Qorulugud Resident Wounded After A Heavily Armed Militia Intruded The Town

Khatumo militia dissenting Somailand government
Khatumo militia dissenting Somailand government

By Gulaid Dalha

Somali Commentator – One Qorulugud resident is reported to have been severely wounded after an attack by heavily armed militia hailing from Buuhoodle. The militia is said to have been dissenting from Somaliland government and has regularly launched assaults in the region.

With no intense gun battle occurred, the militia suddenly intruded the town and assaulted one of the residents of Qorilugud called Faarah Ahmed Ali better known as Farah Kama Dege.

After the incident Somaliland security officials were seen patrolling the scene to raze stalls lined along the major road of Qorilugud. This is not the first time that this incident has been experienced but fierce gun battle is raging between Somaliland security forces and militias aligned with Ali Khalif Galaydh.

Eyewitnesses and bystanders said that the heavily armed militia fired shots at Farah leaving him serious injury.

The former Prime Minister of Somalia Dr Galaydh was the mastermind of a militia that declared the formation of a semi-autonomous state called Khatumo State. Dr Galaydh has been working on the separation and disintegration of the people living in Somaliland. Nevertheless, the president of Somaliland H.E. has reiterated his dedication to keeping the peace, prosperity and the stability of this nation. President Silanyo vowed he will no longer tolerate any one who is ready for the disintegration of the people living in the country. The president also pointed out that his government will flush out the separatist militias and will take the control of the country.