Laasgeel: Voluntary Construction Of A New District Office



Laasgeel -one of the  world’s most famous prehistoric art and cave paintings
Laasgeel -one of the world’s most famous prehistoric art and cave paintings


By Gulaid Dalha

Laasgeel (Somali Commentator) – Two decades later, the mayor of Laasgeel district has launched a new distinct approach of improving the infrastructure of his town. The mayor of Laasgeel drove the residents to build their district office voluntarily. As Somcable reporter states, the mayor and the residents have started the task early in the morning using their spades and shovels for collecting the soil and then throwing it into a recently bought dumper track which is owned by the residents of Laasgeel. The mayor of Laasgeel Hon Mustafe Ibrahim has pointed out that his district has not had an office for a long time. “The town has had no district office for a long time despite of its magnificence. Therefore, we decided to construct a new office for the district. As you can see, we are using this dumper track as it takes the sand from the west of the town. This dumper was donated by a Sahil MP.”

Mr Mustafe, Laasgeel’s mayor reiterated the need to work together to implement further projects. He also stated that the cement, gravel, sand and water are ready. “We have the cement to make the bricks. Sooner, we will start the construction process,” said Mustafe Ibrahim, Laasgeel’s mayor.

Likewise, Mr Mustafe encouraged Somaliland government to contribute to the ongoing operations and play their role. Speaking about this matter, the mayor said, “I would like to inform ministries involving this matter and the central government as well to help the district build the office.”


Also spelled as Laas Gaal, the town locates in the outskirts of Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland. Famous for its rock art, Laas Geel, is the home of world’s most famous prehistoric art as French researchers discovered in 2002. Laas Geel cave paintings are in limbo but researchers say it has the best quality. Guided by local villagers, the French archeologists discovered the caverns and the vibrant paintings in pristine condition. Somaliland is internationally unrecognized state so it still strives to have get a heritage protection support.