Somaliland: Education Minister Meets With Top Curriculum Developers

Abdillahi Ibraahim Habbani, Somaliland's Education Minister
Abdillahi Ibraahim Habbani, Somaliland's Education Minister
Abdillahi Ibraahim Habbani, Somaliland’s Education Minister


By Gulaid Dalha

Hargeisa (Somali Commentator) Undertaking his daily activities, the Minister of Education of Somaliland Hon. Abdillahi Ibrahim Habbane has his first time launched a preparatory phase of preparing and developing a secondary school curriculum with the highest quality and compatible with the world curriculum outline. The minister of Education and Higher Studies Hon. Abdillahi Dheere shed light on this new sentiment and lauded the scholars who will participate the system for the commitment and hard work they had so far displayed.

In a glitzy ceremony held at the Ministry of Education of Somaliland, the chairman National Curriculum Framework Mr Abdillahi Yasin Dirie welcomed a team of scholars who will improve Somaliland’s curriculum and specification for secondary school students. “It is my pleasure to welcome all of you here. Minister, here we have forty scholars who will set the National Curriculum of Secondary Schools in Somaliland. As we are aware of, we learn ten subjects at schools – each subject will be set by four qualified teachers,” said Mr Derie, Somaliland’s chairman of National Curriculum. Mr Derie also pointed out the challenges that Somaliland students have been experiencing over the last twenty years. He went on further and said, “Since the inception of Somaliland, in 1991, the country had no proper curriculum and the students used to borrow books from the nearest libraries and their friends. We need to have specific books prepared by our Ministry. We should follow the current standard of the world – of course, we have the most qualified teachers and experts on the education system. I think it is time to set Somaliland for its own curriculum by its own scholars. Reference is very crucial, so our scholars will refer up-to-date lessons available on websites and of course the most recent published books.”

The minister of Education and Higher Studies Hon. Abdillahi Ibrahim Habbane who also spoke at the venue and said how he pleased he is with the new system of Curriculum setting. The minister stated that prior to this meeting, his Ministry arranged many sessions and discussed issues pertaining Somaliland Education Policy. “Our children had no books to learn from – they need textbooks – we have the scholars who can do the task very accurately. So it is time to do the task ourselves.”If this work is done, then there is a higher expectancy in developing the SLNECB.