Professor Samatar Vehemently Shuns His Membership In Recognition-Seeking Committee

Professor Samatar


Professor Samatar
Professor Samatar

 By Gulaid Dalha

Somali Commentator – The renowned Somali Professor, Ahmed Ismail Samatar,,has vehemently shunned his membership in the Recognition-seeking Committee short upon the appointment of President Silanyo.

While speaking at an International Conference for Somaliland Diaspora held at Sweden, the professor strongly disagreed Somaliland the procedure for the quest of International recognition. Professor Samater said, “Somaliland has not issued a verified document for getting international recognition. This initiative started by Somaliland government will reach no place. My name was on the top – I was not informed. I was not part of the people interviewed about the in-wait task. They just put my name on mass media. I want tell Somaliland that for an strategic plan get started, it must have an operation.”

Professor Samatar strongly lambasted the road to getting the recognition and said that Somaliland government failed to sell or demonstrate its efforts to the outside world. “To perform such a huge duty, we must take into account to four main questions. The answer of these four question may bring about what we want to present to the outside world. First of all, what story or document are selling or demonstrating? Do these documents have evidence and proofs? I do say that because we must have supporting evidence to our long story. So far, I have not seen any written document from Somaliland government to defend its Independence. I challenge Somaliland to put forward any evidence to support our view. Secondly, we should ask ourselves who are people who will present our quest to international recognition? Are they talented people? Are they exuberant people? High profile personalities or not?

The third question which needs consideration is where to present our quest. There is one more other thing which makes me more worried about the current situation – I cannot still see a budget allocated for the task. Without budget it is too vivid that we cannot move on.

Similarly, do we have resources to present? And lastly, the task should have a timeline. What I really mean is to have a deadline for every territory we set foot on. For example, we stay a country for six months and then move on. To sum up, I do not see any of these four or five important points from the President’s appointed committee for international recognition.”

Embarking more refurbished strategies, the President of Somaliland H.E. Ahmed Silanyo appointed a committee for the quest of international recognition under the chairmanship of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Saad Ali Shire. Their first session was held in Hargeisa on 19th March, 2016.

As Professor Samatar states, the number of the members are very number and may hinder the smooth flow of the task as he claims. The professor stated that only governments consist such high number of members.

Professor Samatar, founding Dean of Macalester’s Institute for Global Citizenship, has lectured quite number of universities and Colleges, including: Harvard, Cornell, Iowa, London School of African and Oriental Studies, London School of Economics and Political Sciences, Somali National University, Toronto, University of Amsterdam, University of Pennsylvania, University of Otago and Wellesley College.