We Have Profoundly Discussed On Bolstering The Bilateral Cooperation Between The Judiciary And Municipalities – Somaliland’s Chief Of Justice Explaining A Closed-Door Meeting Held At The Supreme Court

Prof Adam Haji Ali - Somaliland's Chief of Justice


Prof Adam Haji Ali - Somaliland's Chief of Justice
Prof Adam Haji Ali – Somaliland’s Chief of Justice

By Gulaid Dalha

Somali Commentator – After a long discussion, which took hours, the Chief of Justice of Somaliland Prof Adam Haji Ali and the mayor of Hargeisa city together talked to the press and stated the outcomes of the meeting. “We have discussed many points including the implementation of strong cooperation between Somaliland courts and the municipalities. We have also analyzed the smooth flow of the task in both sides,” said Abdirahman Soltelco, Hargeisa’s mayor.

On the other hand, the chief of Justice of Somaliland Prof Adam Haji Ali lauded the meeting and the results they reached. Prof Adam pointed out how important it is to strengthen and bolster the relationship between the judiciary and the local governments. “We have come to the conclusion of our meeting – excellent results emerged and I am pleased to see the fruits of the task ripening again,” said Professor Adam Haji Ali, the Chief of Justice of Somaliland.

Likewise, Prof Adam, Somaliland’s Chief of Justice reiterated the need to work together and to solve the challenging tasks together. Speaking about how imperative this step is, Prof Adam said, “One tangible result we have reached was to create a task force – we, of course, created the task force to tackle challenges. We have also discussed on bolstering the bilateral cooperation between the Judiciary and Municipalities.

The two sides also discussed issues pertaining land disputes. Talking about this, the Chief of Justice said, “We have profoundly discussed issues pertaining land disputes which have become the core of arguments throughout Somaliland.”

The Supreme Court also pledged Hargeisa Municipality to work with them in some cases, for instance, when it comes to people escaping from taxes. “We have repeatedly told to work with local governments in issues pertaining tax and we are ready to take a legal measure to such people.”