Massive Tragedy: Three Students Drowned in Berbera Sea, One Body Missing

Berbera sea
Berbera sea
Berbera sea


By Gulaid Dalha

Berbera – (Somali Commentator) Three children drowned in sea while swimming in the Port City of Berbera. The three children went to Berbera sea after taking their lesson from a small Qur’anic school that locates in Daaroole village in Berbera. The boys went to sea and attempted to bathe but the strong winds swept them away.

Rescue teams have managed to pull out the bodies of two students but one is still missing. The deceased were identified as between the ages of 7-8.

Somaliland National Television correspondent Muktaar Abdirahmaan says the students left from the Qur’anic school and went to sea through the Neck Fish Centre in Berbera where they were later pulled out. Two parents of the deceased were identified – one body has not been identified yet.

Operation efforts are underway to find the third body by Somaliland Coast Guard in Berbera.