First Phase of Voter Registration Exercise Concludes in Marodijeh

Mr Abdikadir Iman Warsame , NEC chairman
Mr Abdikadir Iman Warsame , NEC chairman
Mr Abdikadir Iman Warsame , NEC chairman

By Gulaid Dalha

Hargeisa – Somali Commentator – NEC top officials had officially declared yesterday that the first phase of voter registration in Marodijeh region was concluded. During a press conference in their headquarter in Hargeisa, the chairman of National Electoral Commission Mr Abdikadir Iman Warsame said, “I would like to inform you that the first phase of the registration exercise in Marodijeh has been concluded. I would also like to urge Marodijeh residents participate the ongoing voter’s registration exercise. The task will go on for the next seven days.”

The chairman of NEC, Mr Abdikadir Iman Warsame also stated that NEC has concluded over 102 registration wards located in several districts of Marodijeh region including Laasgeel, Sallahley, Sabowanaag, Daarasalaam, Faroweyne, and Adaadlay. Hargeisa will be an exceptional case as the chairman confirmed and registration exercise will go on for the next seven days.

Speaking about the turnout NEC has recorded so far in Marodijeh, “The turnout of the first phase shows lowliness in the registration drive. Therefore, I appeal all citizens to register. It is the duty of every Somaliland to go the voter registration center to become eligible registrant and vote for the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.”

Voter registration drive that has officially started in Somaliland showed good results in the previous regions, but Marodijeh regions is yet showing reluctance as political leaders, NGOs, religious clerics and politicians still urge citizens to participate the process to become voters for the forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections which are slated to happen in 2017.