KULMIYE Presidential Candidate Appeals for Ending the Spiraling ‘Bloodshed & Animosity’ in Dharkayn-geeye of SOOL Region


Mouse Bihi Abdi Congratulates Somaliland People on Eid Al-Adha

Mouse-Bihi-Hargeisa (Somalicomentator) – Sending his congratulations message on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitri to all people in Somaliland, as well as Muslims around the World, Chairman and Presidential Candidate of KULMIYE Ruling Party Mr. Mouse Bihi Abdi in the meantime, appealed ending of the ‘bloodshed, sufferings, and the animosity’ in Dharkeyn-geye of SOOL region.

KULMIYE Chairman has likewise told the conflicted sides in Dharkayn-geeye of SOOL region in appeal to come together, and end the spiraling bloodshed and inter-communal violence that has plagued the region for months on end, and instead that everyone to follow the path of peace, and development.

“I enthusiastically congratulate you on the blessed Eid al-Fitri, the symbol of spiritual unity and solidarity of Muslims of the world, and send my best wishes. It is my hope that Somaliland people everywhere will embrace the spirit of devotion and sacrifice that the Eid Al-Fitri represents and continue their efforts to achieve peace and goodwill among all humankind in a compassionate and selfless manner. May the people of Somaliland enjoy many blessings and prosperity in the coming year,” Chairman of Ruling Party KULMIYE Mouse Bihi Abdi noted in his message of congratulations.

KULMIYE’s Presidential Candidate eventually in his congratulation message prayed for the sick people who can’t afford to enjoy the happiness and the joy of Eidal Al-Fitri with us.