Famous Religious Cleric Pays Official Visit to Laas-anood, Delivers Sermons


By Gulaid Dalha

sheekh-mustafeLaasaanood – The Independent – Somaliland’s most renowned religious cleric Sh Mustafe Haji Ismail Harun has recently visited Laasaanood, the capital city of Sool region. As confirmed by the religious scholars of Laasaanood, Sh Mustafe will deliver and conduct several sermons on the theme “Islam is the correct methodology of life”. Under this slogan, the religious cleric will persuade the residents on the prospects of life and how Islam tackles every task..

Upon reaching at Laasaanood, the Sheik along with his companions received a warm welcome from the residents who were long waiting for the Sheik. Sheik Mustafa Haji Ismail is a Somali preacher and perhaps the most influential Somali scholar apart from Sh Shariif Abdi Nuur who is world’s leading Hadith, Usuulu Fiqi and Fiqi scholar.

In recent times, Sh Mustafe Haji Ismail Harun has become the leading Somali preacher who often discusses contemporary issues with more fascinating examples that alluringly attracted all Somali people. Sh Mustafa, an engineer by profession, yet tops the Salafi methodology taught in Somaliland.