EDITORIAL: Habbane – The Hard Worker


By Gulaid Dalha

guled Dalha

Hargeisa, The Independent- It goes without saying that the recently appointed minister for Somaliland’s Education and Higher Studies Hon. Abdillahi Ibraahim Habbane is the mastermind of the quick-ongoing education development process which attracted the country’s educationists and scholars. Being exuberant and rigorous is what made him reach such dramatic victories. Mr Habbane has conducted more than hundred fruitful seminars so far – he arranged meetings, conventions and sessions with international organizations currently involving Somaliland education system. Habbane’s new modus vivendi has changed the nationwide. Some see his attainments as ludicrous idea but the fact is far more superior to what is really thought. The onerous efforts and strive of Habbane are quite alluring. He stopped the task from being daunting or dawdling. What a wonderful measure did he take! A real stickler – follows the systematic approach of education very clearly and vividly through the convincement of his society and intellectuals. Somaliland had no education policy but this time Habbane’s administration is working hard to improve the system wholly. When the president appointed Habbane I first thought that there is no difference between him and the former education ministers – but I later discovered that Mr Habbane is quite different and is an extremely distinct, competent person.


Somaliland had no tangible education policy since its inception in 1991. Due to the physical and mental trauma caused by the wars we had fought with Siyad Barre’s regime, the subsequent governments we had elected did not focus the education and we were engrossed in making the country stable and peaceful. Time of studies has come. And a better known slogan is that learn today lead tomorrow. Shedding this on light can bear a wide range of positive outcomes and vice versa. Benevolence, dedication and hard work have become the main attributes of the new minister for Education and higher studies. It is time to stand by him and support him morally and materially – this is the man Somaliland was in dire need – thanks to the incumbent president Ahmed Silanyo. After a long in-wait we have received the flag bearer of Somaliland towards a flourishing education with the refurbishment of all the system.


My eyes see the aspirations up-and-coming and turn round from the anxieties of the down-and-out. The country has been beset by educational woes, but excellent performance betides currently. It is good to remember the great Somali scholar and educationist who set Somaliland’s Education Ministry Policy Mr Hassan Haji Mohamoud Warsame, better known as Hassan Gadhweyne. He came up with the establishment of a nation’s education system as he started from scratch. With his long ample experience and qualification in Education, Mr Hassan managed to bring the education in an alluring position, but the succeeding officers did fail to maintain that position. Abdillahi Ibrahim Habbane has become the-odd-bloke who maintained and sustained that position.