Sanaag Region Voter Registration Exercise to Commence Saturday

people line up to take voter registration card

By Gulaid Dalha

people line up to take voter registration card
people line up to take voter registration card

The Independent  – Saturday 16th July, 2016, the ongoing national electoral process of voter registration exercise will be kicked off. The spokesman of National Electoral Commission Hon. Saeed Ali Muse has confirmed the news to the press and at the same time stated that raising the veil of the registration drive will be held on Wednesday. All teams to the field will be dispatching from the capital of Somaliland, Hargeisa on Thursday and Friday and the exercise will officially kick off on Saturday, inshaa Allah. Likewise, Mr Saed Ali Muse talked about the polling wards and said, “196 voter registration wards are registered to cover all the districts. Each ward will have 9 clerks tasked to addressing the voter registration. Also, each ward has two vehicles one to cater for the staff while the other for will cater for the transport.” The spokesman also explained that NEC had already toured all the wards and readied everything necessary for the task. Internet aerial connections have been installed by the local telecommunications leading Company, Telesom.

On the other hand, Saed reiterated the need to ameliorate and emphasize on the orientation. He similarly said that four local NGOs are tasked to offer public awareness lectures – one NGO will orient the handicapped people.

Sanaag region is the vastest region in Somaliland and has a long coastline with facing the Gulf of Aden to the north. The region is rough and with hilly terrains. There have been security concerns in the region. The National Police Force Commander, Brig. Abdillahi Fadal Iman has been in Sanaag to participate the mobilization of districts and the maintenance of peace and tranquillity during the task.