SOMALILAND: Can We Stand Alone?

Abdihakim Mohammoud ( Ubaxle)

By Abdihakim Mohammoud ( Ubaxle)

Abdihakim Mohammoud ( Ubaxle)
Abdihakim Mohammoud ( Ubaxle)

The answer remains enigma until we give it great, deep accurate consideration.

Somaliland, a nascent nation, broke away from Somalia in 1991 after a bitter bloody war which many lives were lost. Somaliland was an independent and a country before Somalia. It was also the first 12 African states who came free from the colonies in 1960. Loving with unity, togetherness and cooperation, caring with greater Somalia, Somaliland united and joined Somalia, the former Italian Somaliland.

Nevertheless, 25 years which Somaliland was independent made a valuable progress. Beginning everything from scratch, Somaliland managed to come across the most critical stages of live. Somalilanders built peaceful, tranquil state which has its own flag, borders, currency, passport, booming economy, improving sector of education, functioning government, parliaments and local authorities. Unlike most other African nations, people of Somaliland held two free and fair national elections which friends congratulated and enemy concerned. Unfortunately, this quarter of century Somaliland does not get international recognition from the world. As Somalilanders, apart from the development, we made the situation worse; we do not play our role to get recognition. Absolutely, we failed to sell or demonstrate our effort and procedure for the quest of international recognition. For example, we did not write any document to defend our independence and we lost our long history. Without verified document, our speech will not reach a father place.  Similarly, there is no governmental budget that we allocated to this task.

One more other thing which adds fuel the fire is how we behave when we get invitations from the world. All the invited leaders depart foreign passport and put Somaliland passport in the dustbin or leave in the VIP airport rooms. Somaliland passport is not valid most of the countries- it is true but as invited leader, such as circumstance you have the right to depart Somaliland passport or to ban the invitation. In addition, the talks between Somaliland and Somalia is fruitless since the Turkey, Somaliland and Somalia mediator, biases for Somaliland and Somalia unity.

Coming close to the point concise and clearly, “Can we stand alone?” My opinion the answer is an emphatic yes. We have already built a nation with all the necessary pillars for a statehood. We get rid of the dictatorship governing with its tyranny and oppression. We became the second African nation, after South Africa, achieved general voluntary demobilization and disarming of its malaises and freedom fighters. We built peaceful and prosperous nation while most African neighboring nations were burning. Now Somaliland is a country declared its independence as a de facto sovereign state. Can we proceed father? Again the answer is yes.  It is only depends on our togetherness and cooperation.

When I come to the recognition, it is a known fact that the entity of a country depends on universe recognition. But it does not always turn the way you planned. The recognition can come earlier or delay another quarter of century or even more. However, do we sit inactively and make excuse our problems the postponed recognition? Or do we bring another strategy to proceed forward. The second one seems quite plausible and worth answering. According the facilities we have, Somaliland can proceed father. Somaliland has one of the world’s beloved livestock. It has suitable land and fertile soil for agricultural productions. It has mineral resources that has not yet been exploited. It has world’s largest gypsum deposit. It has 8850 km long coastline rich with marine resources that is free from pirates which strategically locates the gulf of Adan. Somaliland’s deep water port of Berbera serves as a major inlet and outlet for a land locked neighboring country, Ethiopia. This can boosts Somaliland’s economy and creates a jobs for thousands of Somaliland’s people.

To sum up, Somaliland possess all the attributes of a state, including a definable territory and population, a recognizable government, and continuity and stability. Somaliland is a country of hope, peace and determination. Its independence and sovereignty is a reality without turning back of the clock.

By Abdihakim Mohammoud ( Ubaxle)

UOH Medical Student