SOMALILAND: KULMIYE’s Stance on the Upcoming Elections


Head Of Media Department Office of Ruling KULMIYE Party, Mr. Ali Jama Mohamed.

Hargeisa (The Independent ) – KULMIYE, Somaliland’s ruling party dismissed any sorts of reports telling the existence of any difference between the party and its government on the timing of the upcoming presidential and parliament elections which have been set to take place on 28th  March, 2017. Instead, the party has accused the Chairman of House of Representatives who also leads WADDANI Opposition Party Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi of lack of commitment and without playing a key role in sparking off the approval of the required laws or the procedural act of the House of Representatives’ elections.

This has been noted in a press release issued by the Head of Media Department Office of Ruling KULMIYE Party Mr. Ali Jama Mohamed.

“Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed (Silanyo) and the Chairman of KULMIYE Party Mousa Bihi Abdi have repeatedly avowed verbally and practically that they are committed and ready for the elections to be held on due time.”

“Government and its Party have left no stone unturned in order the elections to take place on due time, as they fulfilled their constitutional responsibilities as well as completed the duties which have been on them, such as legal, financial and the platform related issues in order for the voter registration activities to be smoothly run as it is a key for holding free and fair elections in the country. Currently the only thing that exists and is obstacle to the upcoming elections is the procedural act of MP’s which is yet to be done. It is the responsibility of the Chairman of House of Representatives, as he has been in charge for this House for almost 11 years (which is more double to his elected term), he should have already made it happen and to have played a key role in producing and finalizing this pending act.” Mr. Jama added this in his press statement.

Source: Somaliland Monitor