SOMALILAND: Bali-Gubaddle Strategic Ethiopian Corridor


“Safe, Secure and Swift Interstate Highway and Railway”


Constructing interstate highway, that carrying heavy transportation loads. Require engineering assessments. In order to simplify assumptions, omissions, and data problems influence these estimates. Among other things, the estimate rely on forecasts, of travel demand and assume that projects with the highest benefits relative to costs will be implemented first.

After a comprehensive inspection of Somaliland Engineering and construction team, feasibility study demonstrates the strategic importance of Baligubaddle and is the most suitable interstate highway into the Ethiopia deck. The strategic analysis revealed three main important aspects to be most useful for Ethiopia and Somaliland interstate trade route location. The right choice for the Ethiopia to select Baligubaddle trade hub includes; destination, Security, minimum investment (no expensive bridges required) and have appropriate space for building dry ports. “Safe, secure and a swift Interstate Highway”

Minimum destination is important In terms of international trade and interstate highway, delivering goods and services swiftly is a potential for end consumers. The distance between capital city of the Somaliland, Hargeisa and Baligubaddle border with Ethiopia is 65km, and absence of any trade intercepts such as road through villages, public domain, checkpoints, traffic and other insecurity vulnerabilities.

That matches trade route eligibility requirements. While the route between Wajaale to Hargeisa has already intolerable traffic interruptions, longest and is a highly populated channel.

The second important aspect is a security. Therefore, we don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that, the Five Somali region of Ethiopia, tribal tension is always imminent, fuels by an ethical lee-you police. If such insecurity situation might arise, so total trade routes obstruction is a possible in some areas in Somaliland, except the Baligubaddle, while other assessed paths are vulnerable and have security breach.

But a security assessment and preventive measures, indicates that the transport goods from Berbera Port to the Eithiopia safest passage is through the Baligubaddle strategic interstate highway (corridor). Without barriers, traffic or social disruptions and interruptions such as, villages, checkpoint.

In addition to, climate uncertainty contributed to natural disasters. Building dry a port (warehouses) requires climate events forecasts based on a geophysical surface assessment. So that , Wajaale is a familiar in rainy seasons, was marked a flooding zone, and land-slide. Due to land formation that washout surface constructed property.

We remain you, some of the Somaliland regions have active earthquake, seismic trauma starts from Borame to Hargeisa, and the Earthquake was scaled 6 magnitudes for last year. Seismic hazard is assessed by determining the probability of different intensities of shaking of a highway structure caused by earthquakes; seismic highway risks typically are assessed and addressed by states and local entities which are generally responsible for building and maintaining that infrastructure.

Vulnerability is determined by the design and current condition of the specific highway, bridges elements. Consequences depend on the role of a highway in the transportation system and how its availability or damage affects public safety, recovery efforts, economic and social disruption, and national defense. While seismic hazard is a function of plate tectonics and cannot be controlled, actions can be taken to manage vulnerability and consequences

Furthermore, with a reference the U.A.E Invested and was contracted by company to construct roads and bridges in 1980s. But was a failed to construct bridges from the Borame, Gabiley to the Hargeisa due to geological (active earthquakes) and economical factors that are too expensive, according estimated costs, building seismic retrofitting of bridges to reduce earthquake failure risks.

This report is recommends in the project decision-making process in two significant ways, the DP World consultation with the federal government of Ethiopia agencies, should analyze the proper route of interstate highway, according to suitability, safety, security, traffic, and other risk based priorities, for selecting eligibility location on case by case basis.

Therefore, we did express our concerns and recommends that our inspection survey team strategic analysis both technical and tactical engineers consultation, with reference the British protectorate were considers valuable interstate road.  The Bali-Gubaddle would be Strategic Ethiopian Corridor, through the transportation from Berbera Port to Jig-jiga etc. Political leaders think in terms of policies and options. Geopolitics teaches us to think in terms of constraints and limits, weak  states  might  be  unable  or  unwilling  to  take  advantage  of  commercial opportunities within the global economy. Although war is itself an enduring feature of the human condition, the character of war  is always

evolving.  This strategic change in the foreseeable character of war demands our attention.  The emerging security environment can be described by simultaneous and connected challenge

Strategic Security Analysis

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