Education Ministry Bans School Advertisements On SLNTV, Urges Information Minister To Sooner Act


habbane-bansAbdillahi Ibrahim Habbane – Somaliland’s MoE

By Gulaid Dalha

(Somali Commentator) – Advertising schools aimed at getting numerous students be banned amid fears it is making the situation worse by creating a generation of students obsessed with money and material possessions, Somaliland’s education minister Hon Abdillahi Ibrahim Habbane warns.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of a new university in Hargeisa, the minister of education and higher studies Hon Abdillahi Ibrahim Habbane stated that the country is at risk of the dramatically increasing schools and universities. “Today our education is at risk – schools are not looking the quality but are pursuing the quantity. You – schools should choose the quality, not the quantity,” said the Education Minister.

Mr Habbane, Somaliland’s MoE, has also stressed on the disadvantages of teaching different syllabi in Somaliland schools. Talking about this the minister said, “More than 49 specifications are taught at our schools.

On the other hand, the Minister called the Minister of Information to lambaste programmes advertising a particular school. He said this will only harm the smooth flow of schools. “Currently, our education has turned into a business – schools and universities are like shops. Somaliland National Television should stop advertising schools. I call this request to my counterpart of the Information Ministry.  Let us do our duties,” said Abdillahi Dhere, the Education Minister of Somaliland.

Expressing woes and concerns about the university graduates, Mr Habbane said, “To be precise, our university graduates cannot write an application letter using Arabic, English or Somali. That is an undeniable outcome that our eyes always capture.”

Somaliland’s education has been deteriorating since its inception in 1991, but seems to relive from the trauma now. During his tenure in office, the incumbent MoE of Somaliland, Mr Habbane, has done considerable accomplishments including the unveiling of new textbooks into Somaliland schools for the first time, introducing new, more refurbished curriculum that unites all the schools of Somaliland. He also turned the medium language at primary schools to Somali.