SOMALILAND: HEMA Books Confirms the Arrival of All Textbooks for Primary and Secondary Schools

Somaliland's new textbooks For Primary and Secondary schools.

Strictly speaking, I believe that these textbooks with these alluring diagrams will greatly ameliorate and enhance the understanding capacity of Somaliland students – HEMA CEO

By Gulaid Dalha

Hargeisa – The Independent – Talking to the The Independent on Monday evening, the Chief Executive Officer of HEMA Mr Abdirahan Nour Egal has confirmed that all the recently introduced Somaliland textbooks for primary and secondary schools have arrived on time. Answering a question posted by the The Independent on how the distribution went on, Mr Egal said, “There is no doubt that the task was too heavy and hectic but the distribution was also another thing to take into account. It is our pleasure as HEMA to manage the second phase which was the distribution of the textbooks to all Somaliland schools. Some schools have received consignments of textbooks from HEMA”

“Addressing such huge task is something which dramatically amazing. How did you tackle with it?,” asked the Independent.

Mr Egal: Of course, it was a huge task with its own challenges ahead. But with the help of God, the unwavering determination of Somaliland government and the dedicated staff of HEMA we came up with this fruitful result. You know that Somaliland had not its own textbooks for secondary schools. I think we came to know that this nation can change the world through education – we undoubtedly reached self-sufficiency.

The Independent also asked: Do you think that this may bring about huge impact on the attitude Somaliland youth? If yes, to what extent do you believe in?

Mr Egal: That is an indispensable question. As a matter of fact the modern world today demonstrates lessons using graphs, pictures, illustrations and diagrams. If you see the diagrams of the recently published books, your eyes will soon capture the beautifully plotted diagrams with amazing miscellaneous colours. Strictly speaking, I believe that these textbooks with these alluring diagrams will greatly ameliorate and enhance the understanding capacity of Somaliland students.


For a long time, Somaliland education has been heavily dependent on foreign support for textbook production and distribution in Somaliland public and private schools. despite the fast-growing demand of quality textbooks, the shortage of textbooks in schools had become alarming, and the government of Somaliland (through the ministry of education and higher studies) have been putting high priority in producing quality textbooks. Finally, the government of Somaliland in collaboration with local private company named HEMA Books, have produced the primary and secondary textbooks for the first time in the history of Somaliland.

In addition, the old foreign-dependent system of textbook production is replaced by a public private collaboration system, with the Somaliland Ministry of Education and HEMA Books collaborating the production and distribution of the textbooks.

For the first time, Somaliland has developed and distributed:

  • Quality Textbooks
  • Affordable textbooks
  • Available in all the regions and through all the years.

Home of Educational Material and Accessories (HEMA) is the leading provider of educational material and equipment, and the first one of its kind in Somaliland/Somalia with the capacity to supply the whole market.  Since its inception in 2009, HEMA has been involved in:

  • Distribution of textbooks and reference materials
  • School supplies and Stationeries
  • Learning and teaching aid materials
  • School furniture
  • Laboratory chemicals and Equipment

HEMA is highly involved in improving teaching and learning qualities in our schools through consultation and teachers’ training with mission to enhancing the quality of education in Somaliland and the whole region. HEMA’s overriding objective is to enhance the quality of education in Somaliland/Somalia. HEMA is transparent in all its undertakings to balance our profit motives and passion for pioneering socially responsible learning environment in an underdeveloped educational system.

HEMA has built an excellent reputation for good quality, efficiency and reliability where we had the resource to deliver. In a very short time we have established strong links with scores of leading educational institution and humanitarian organizations working in Somaliland and abroad to fill the void in educational materials supplies.