SOMALILAND: Vast Emergency Aid Is In Dire Need


By Gulaid Dalha

Hargeisa (Somalicommentator ) – It is worth taking into account for the full-fledged famine that has stricken and harshly battered in the eastern regions of Somaliland. Communities in the east cannot cope with the situation – it is beyond their ability. Children and elderly are left from their homes to perish there and populaces are amassing along the small roads begging for food and water. Although vehement appealing was sent to the concerned institutions, yet the required response and the immediate effect have not reached its climax. Alleviating the calamity and expediting food and water very swiftly must be our first target. People are now desperate and this may lead a humanitarian crisis that may bring about a further claims and life and displacement. Drought Relief Committee should work unabated and attempt to tackle this apocalypse. Obviously this grim calamity has caused a serious concern of International NGOs. Studies have shown that since the intense drought sparked, children are malnourished and will starve to death if not get urgent support. Hard hit by drought, failed rains exacerbated the situation. Literally, our government is deeply concerned about the disaster thinking that more people at risk in relapsing into crisis.

To help go the problem deeper and penetrate the most appropriate way to playing a role, let us first study the case by considering several points in mind. One major measure that flashes across my mind is avoiding the messy system which I believe it is today the main cause of the delay in distribution process. As aid comes from largesse, government and local NGOs, the proper way of distributing is by far remarkable – what I see is untidy distribution – everyone is playing his role, but wrongfully performing the task. How about if we think the other way around? What I mean is that we should take the donation and contributions from the largesse and then we, altogether give this back to the drought afflicted people. Let me ameliorate my sentiment with one more important point – the relief committee should have an area to act and a task to do. Job description is imperative. One more other thing there – let us stop monitoring and evaluation – I guess that is utterly beyond the fact of help and aid. Those people are in an apocalyptic state, they will neither arrange a time, nor welcome a visitor. What they really need is to convey them food and water, and of course clothes.

Nevertheless, a further and very important thing to take into account is the Rain-seeking prayers performed in accordance with the Prophet’s sunna and the authenticated hadiths that he left us behind. As a matter of fact, the prophet did not go to Mosques in this salat but rather went to plain grounds where he prayed God to forgive them and befall rain. Along that prayers, the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him never put on a beautiful clothing. We had seen the people performing prayers wearing the fashion clothes such as robes, and men for suits with neckties – that does not mean neckties are prohibited in Islam it is by far allowed, but we see case is quite different. Let us feel that.