Somaliland Drought: A 12-Year-Old Boy Dies Of Thirst In Oodanle Area



By Gulaid Dalha

Following the excruciating agony brought on Somaliland drought in the last two years, the life claim of a 12-year old boy was reported from Oodanle, a highly overcrowded area in the east of Burao.

Eye witnesses confirmed the incident to the Governor of Togdher region Mohamed Ibrahim Adan Qabyo who later averted the news to the press and likewise sent an appeal to Somaliland government to revitalize the ongoing relief efforts.

The 12-year-old boy was finding a lost camel over the area after a painful thirst struck him but did not get any water to drink as said by the Governor, Mr Qabyo.

Drought has harshly battered in the eastern regions mainly Sool, Sanaag, Togdheer and Sahil with a quarter million people are in a dire need of immediate medical and emergency relief. It has swept the country side, leaving their livestock and property behind and sweeping them away.

The Head of State himself sounded sirens of the impending famine that has vastly struck in the eastern regions of Somaliland, appealing for relief support by sending SOS to the international community and Somaliland people at large.

Aid-conveying operations are under way as the drought relief committee is working hard to convey food and water to the drought afflicted people and at the same time preparing medical personnel ready to deal with emergencies.