Villa Somalia Reacts to Prime Minister’s Speech

Villa Somalia Mogadishu

Mogadishu (Somali Commentator) – Villa Somalia has reacted to comments made by the Somali Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke who said that the country is in dire need of new capable leaders. He singled out the Presidency of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as an example of bad governance ahead of the anticipated presidential elections.

The director of information for Villa Somalia, Shador Haji Mohamud said the PM’s words were a mistake and in a direct breach of election ethics.

 “It was better for the premier to protect the election ethics and his role for the government and nation. It was not appropriate for him to personalize the quest for power in the upcoming presidential election’. Shador Haji Mohamud said.

Mr. Haji Mohamud added that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was ought to be praised for protecting the interests of the Somali nation and for thwarting the interference by foreigners.   He added that the president is always dedicated to protect the rights of the country, on land and on sea.

The reactions by Villa Somalia show the rift between the countrys  two highest offices as both men vy for the Presidency. Somali is aiming to hold elections sometime this month following the selection of MP’s in the lower house.