Somaliland: Education Ministry Undertakes Vehement Instructional Supervision In All Schools

Somaliland's MoE Hon Abdillahi Ibrahim Habbane
Somaliland's MoE Hon Abdillahi Ibrahim Habbane
Somaliland’s MoE Hon Abdillahi Ibrahim Habbane

By Gulaid Dalha

Hargeisa – Somali Commentator – Somaliland’s education ministry will undertake highly maintained supervision in all Somaliland schools. This was confirmed by Somaliland’s Education Minister Hon. Abdillahi Ibrahim Habbane while speaking at a glitzy ceremony held at the hall of the Ministry of  Education.

Prior to the meeting, the Minister urged all primary and secondary school principals to attend the meeting which was aimed at ameliorating the education system and discussing the ongoing efforts to assure that everything necessary for quality education is in place.

In his remarks, Somaliland’s MoE Abdillahi Dhere reiterated hastening the ongoing supervision activities that have been undertaking by his ministry over the last two years. Hon Habbane also stated that supervising schools could bring the academic performance in an outstanding standard.

Speaking about importance of reaching findings on these tasks, Mr Abdillahi Ibrahim Habbane, said, “Findings indicated that instructional supervision was viewed as a process of checking other people’s work to ensure that bureaucratic regulations and procedures are followed and that loyalty to the higher authorities is maintained.”

Minister Habbane also pointed out that his ministry in pursuit to determine the perceptions of head teachers, teachers and senior government education officers regarding the practices of internal instructional supervision and staff development in primary and secondary schools across Somaliland.

Other high-ranking officials who spoke at the venue include: the Director General of Education Ministry Professor Abdi Ali, the SLNECB chairman Daud Ahmed Farah, all stressing the indispensability of working together and bolstering the education quality which has been deteriorating for a while.

On the other hand, the minister threatened that his administration is shutting down any school that disobeys the rules and the regulations of the Education Ministry.

Similarly, the principals posted questions pertaining the education sector of Somaliland and the tangible achievements reached so far to Education Minister. They also urged the Ministry to ponder the best way of conducting all these tasks.

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