SOMALIA: Federal Electoral Body Suspends Parliamentary Election For Somaliland Community


MOGADISHU- Somalia- Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation team (FIEIT) has suspended the ongoing Lower House election for Somaliland community, which is taking place in the Somali capital of Mogadishu, Garowe Online reports.

FIEIT’s decision came following increased complaints from Somaliland elders and electoral disputes in the ongoing Lower House election, however, the process was suspended for an indefinite period, according to a statement released by FIEIT.

Earlier, Somaliland elders have requested from FIEIT to relocate the election venue to Halane compound, AMISOM’s military base in Mogadishu, due to interference from Somali government officials-term ended in September 10- and mostly by the outgoing Information Minister Mohamed Abdihayir Mareye, who they accused him of intimidating the delegates, who are assigned to cast votes among the parliamentary candidates.

So far 19 MPs out of the 46 parliamentary seats allocated to the Somaliland community have been elected in Mogadishu.

Leaders from the Somali Federal government and regional states who are attending National Leadership Forum conference in Mogadishu are set to discuss key outstanding issues hindering the electoral process, including the dispute in the seats distribution of Upper House chamber for Somaliland community, .

The conference comes amid failure to meet electoral deadline and sworn-in the new parliamentarians on December 15, to prepare for the election of new Speakers and Somali President end of December.


Source: Garowe Online