“I Reiterate, Rescheduling The Elections Over Its Slated Time Should Be Assessed By The NEC” – Says Musa Behi

Musa Behi Abdi - Kulmiye presidential aspirant
Musa Behi Abdi – Kulmiye presidential aspirant

By Gulaid Dalha

Hargeisa – Somali Commentator – Despite the opposition parties’ tandem on the pursuit of election postponement due to the apocalyptic drought that has battered in east and west regions of Somaliland, Kulmiye’s flag bearer Musa Behi Abdi reiterates the need to leave the assessment of such severe drought to the NEC who can determine the possibility of not holding or holding elections on the slated time. “I reiterate, rescheduling the elections over its slated time will be determined by the NEC, not the political parties,’ says Musa Behi Abdi.

Further, the leader cum presidential candidate of Kulmiye said, “When the president stated that the concurrent parliamentary and presidential elections could not be held and thence separated, the opposition parties prosecuted the government and the ruling party. So the decision of the Supreme Court should be respected.”

Kulmiye’s presidential aspirant also lauded that his government and party have prepared everything to undertake the ballot exercise as slated. “It is good know that our first upshot was to convey aid to the drought afflicted people who are in dire need of water, food and cloth,” added Mr Behi.

International Community has already expressed its concerns and is highly urging Somaliland timely elections on late March.