“Somaliland Has Reached One Of The Greatest Milestone Ever Targeted,” Says Somaliland Chief Justice

Prof Adam H Ali Ahmed - Somaliland's Chief Justice


By Gulaid Dalha

This will contribute to keeping the credibility credo and will enhance the improvement of Somaliland judicial system- avows the Chief Justice

 HargeisaSomali Commentator –  Following the president’s decree of elevating district, appeal and regional courts to a parastatal operating under the policy and control of the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice Prof Adam Haji Ali has lauded the incumbent president of Somaliland and said, “The budget of appeal, regional and district courts has been under the allocation of the Justice Ministry but this decision makes the case different as it elevates the courts to parastatal from the Ministry of Justice.”

Lauding the decree released by President Silanyo, Prof Adam said, “Somaliland has reached one of the greatest milestones ever. Thanks to the president who took a brave decision. The history will note this adding it to the archive of president Silanyo’s legacy.”

The decree will also tackle unabated complaints of court clerks, judges and judicial assistants who have long been seeking the fulfillment of their complaints. “Literally, judicial assistants, courts’ clerks and judges where operating under the Ministry of Justice and you know they should have been worked under the judiciary because of their terms of reference and job description,” says Prof Adam.


Eviscerating the courts from the Ministry of Justice is an alluring step taken forward as avowed by the Chief Justice. “This will contribute to keeping the credibility credo and will enhance the improvement of Somaliland judicial system,” says Prof Adam Haji Ali Ahmed, briefing the press in his office, Hargeisa.

In his remarks, the Chief Justice appreciated President Silanyo’s decree and decision and likewise thanked everyone who played a vivid role in the long-sought activity. “Foremost, I want thank the president for reaching such a wonderful decision which will again ameliorate the development of Somaliland judicial system. I would also like to thank anyone who contributed to this effort and strive – presidency minister and justice ministers.