Muse Bihi Deserves To Be Next President: I Judge Him by Content of Character and Quality of Leadership

Musa Behi Abdi, Kumiye's Chairman and Presidential Candidate

By Mohamed Farah Abdi

Somaliland, my country, is where I often do what I can do and I often think to find opportunities to do more for it. Linked to my phrase of doing what you can do, I hereby intended to spotlight where to find qualified character and leadership qualities fitting next president of Somaliland.


Kulmiye party has performed an outstanding performance in carrying out cycle of democratic elections.  If you explore internal political controversy within this party, you could feel warmth of struggle that its presidential candidate moved through – Muse Bihi is diamond in the raw.  Hard contests among members in the party, laid solid foundation and secret of Muse’s quality to overcome barriers and to lead his party’s synergy. His achievement of building solidarity of his party determined his character of being a great leader that is capable to solve anxieties of civilians. We have chosen him by what we saw; I have chosen him on how they respect and why – demonstrating concentration on him and revealing a curiosity as country’s next president.


Climbing zenith of democracy, it’s a unique ruling party committed to hold elections on time and dedicated giving offer to opposition parties to undertake the ballot exercises with them. Conversely, opposing parties hesitate to run in that exercise now; they want that ruling Kulmiye party to stay in the throne more. We thought that indissoluble character of Muse Bihi frightened other contesters to compete with him.


Previously I had no clue his personal traits and leadership qualities but I employed famous proverb, ”don’t Judge book by the cover”.  After his iconic and inspirational speech on 2 October 2015, which affirmed his supremacy of tolerance in politics saying, ” I was defeated and I accepted it.  Kulmiye party will have one candidate – Silanyo. I was beaten similarly as Spain -World Cup Champions – lost in the World Cup Match ”.

It was speech that made him to be next president of Somaliland. We all acknowledged him to be our next president. He has been showing visible characteristics of being charismatic leader since that day he sold himself to us.  I started my journey of evaluating him from there. From that eventful speech, his political profile went to climax as he earned his current public admiration; he manifested high degree of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is one of prime qualities of every leader as its ability to keep your temper no matter what problems you are facing and its understanding how your emotions can affect other people.  He went to the peak in bravery as ultimate measure of a leader is where he stands at hard times and harsh moments.


I have accumulated various occasions portrayed his content of quality that you would like your dream leader to be. Many of Somalilanders define politicians as cheaters – not as leaders; however, Muse Bihi defines it differently. He believes politicians put first lives of others and theirs last by saying, ”politician is selfless that devotes to the public interests than his individual importance”. It’s political philosophy led him to avoid principles of pleasure but stick to the principles of wisdom. In his gorilla and glorious era, his exceptional spirit that can confront difficulties – withstand to dilemma – had been growing up.


Apart from his sacrifices in the past, I have recently appreciated his actions to respond to droughts in Sool, Sanaag and Togdheer regions;…….regardless his politcal motives, he visited many locations, including Taleex district – sharing his sympathy and support, where never visited by a Somaliland politician of that privilege. This was one of the good occasions that I measured his quality of being earnest to save lives of suffering people.


Somaliland is accounted as a fragile state where foundations and functionality of public institutions are not strong enough to deliver public service and its where legal instruments are not fully set up and enforced. Contextually, Somaliland uses hybrid legal system comprising traditional, pastoral democracy and Islamic sharia, which requires strong legal enforcement, with impediments to reinstate ethics and conducts. To accomplish that diverse circumstances, we need a leader equipped with strong decision making machinery.  Muse Bihi is one of best politicians known with that character of decisiveness when it requires tough judgments. This kind of leadership would open doors of Somaliland to the world as international groups want committed leader that can fulfil agreed commitments at local level. If we elect Muse Bihi, we would be able to engage international investors because likelihoods of legal security and enforcement of national policies of sustainable development will attack them. If we elect Muse Bihi, it’s commonly expected that he will enhance sense of tolerance and democratic governance – combating prejudice of tribalism. Tribalism remains obvious challenge to Somaliland development efforts as tribe-driven anti-development protesters, demonstrating crocodile tears, have been seen across Somaliland. Most of thoughts suggest that tribalism can be treated by strong leader that can practice rule of law and effective security measures. He is the only presidential candidate that spent his life inside Somaliland thereby he has astonishing background in building peace and solving frequent problems.  He is candidate with professionalism to safe guard, establish security structures and build national forces. These are fundamental element in law enforcement and setting up justice. If we elect Muse Bihi, we would rapidly kick out evil of tribalism from Somaliland. He is absolutely benevolent in nature and modest in personality but he is malevolent in practices of justice. Practicing justice cures roots of tribalism.   Building justice and imposing international standards of ethics and protocols stay behind for decades; Muse Bihi has that quality to improve them. Through applying legacy of President Silanyo, he is an examined leader that can realise Silanyo’s National Vision 2030 with the overhanging goals to be stable, democratic and prosperous country where we enjoy high quality of life as means of socio-economical and political governance development.  Muse was being under mentorship and school of political thought of president Silanyo almost four decades. He inherited legacy of his predecessor.


In conclusion, I am recommending you all to think your fingers to bring back positive change to your lives; elect someone that can promote justice; someone that can overcome barriers of political and economical relations, someone can take us to attain our vision 2030. In fact, someone that can fulfil those desires is only found in Kulmiye party. Last but not least, I would sincerely advise Muse Bihi to pool cadre of professionals, scholars and experts now and later in his administration because most advantageous development measures stems from knowledge and experiences of human resources. Effective strategy that our next president can realise our national vision is by seeking technical advises and building capacity of public institutions with experts and researchers.

Mohamed Farah Abdi (BS, MA)

Project Manager

Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR)/Somaliland Development Fund (SDF)

Behind Ministry of Mining and Energy, Opposite to Migration Office

Hargeisa, Somaliland

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