Jamal Ali Hussien Formally Joins Kulmiye Ruling Party


By Gulaid Dalha

“Jamal with his ample knowledge and experience will ameliorate the ongoing tasks of the party,says the presidential aspirant of Kulmiye ruling party.

Somali Commentator – Former presidential nominee of UCID Party Jamal Ali Hussien and his his supporters formally joined to Kulmiye ruling party yesterday in a glitzy ceremony held at Maansoor, Hargeisa.

In his welcoming words, Mr Biihi, Kulmiye’s flag bearer said, “I hereby welcome the former presidential aspirant of UCID party Jamal Ali Hussien to Kulmiye Party. I believe that Jamal’s joining to Kulmiye will strengthen the party and bring us to the peak. So far we have seen Jamal’s supporters storming to the Kulmiye ruling party all over the world.”

Talking about Jamal’s contribution to the party, Mr Behi said, “Jamal with his ample knowledge and experience will ameliorate the ongoing tasks of the party.”

The chairman of Kulmiye party also lauded Prof Ali Kalif Galaydh for the wonderful step he took forward in resuming the peace talks between his self-declared state and Somaliland.

The move came following the political fallouts of his chairman Eng Faisal Ali Warabe who challenged Jamal for seizing presidential candidacy slot, hence making a ploy to seize the position.

Although Jamal tried clutching his presidential candidacy and undertook much arbitration and Supreme courts cases, the dissent between him and his boss has been flaring up.

Two months ago, Mr Jamal stated that he finally defrocked off his presidential flagbearer-ship of UCID party and joined Kulmiye ruling party.

Jamal has again rejoined in the political arena of Somaliland. Prior to this, he struggled to save UDUB and then replenished UCID despite the thievery from a conman.