Prof Galaydh Arrives Hargeisa Late Midnight, Departs To Djibouti

Dr Ali Kalif Galaydh - the leader of Khatumo administration


Prof Galaydh Arrives Hargeisa Late Midnight, Departs To Djibouti

By Gulaid Dalha

Somali Commentator  – According to Somaliland’s interior Minister Mr Faraton, Prof Ali Kalif Galaydh arrived Hargeisa last night.

This comes while Ali’s administration is resuming peace talks that was embarked last year with Somaliland that is hosted by Djibouti government.

The leader of the self-declared Khatumo administration had already unveiled that his administration is working hard to terminating the hostility and wars with Somaliland and at the same time initiating peace talks with the arch rival, Somaliland.

BBC Somali says Prof Galaydh tried to depart from Buuhoodle but gunmen militia stopped him from taking off and kept him there for a while.

In The Aftermath

Dr Galaydh with his delegation embarked their long journey en route from Buuhoodle to Hargeisa and reached  Burao.. In the morning, Dr Galaydh and his delegation departed to Djibouti where the peace talks are determined to take place.

The incumbent present of Somaliland Hon. Silanyo had previously nominated his committee for engaging successful talks with Khatumo.