Sahil, Sanag Regions Receive Heavy Rains Amid Harsh Droughts In Somaliland



By Gulaid Dalha

Somali Commentator – Sahil and Sanaag regions experienced heavy rains amid harsh droughts have hit the majority of Somaliland regions. Residents in Sheik town say heavy rains pounded the town for almost 3 hours.

On the other hand, Sanaag region residents’ have affirmed that they received heavy rains.

Somaliland has seen one of the worst droughts ever experienced in the region. Hundreds of thousands of victims have been fleeing with their livestock searching for water and pasture. Thousands of animals are dying and even children perish.

Malnutrition rates shoot up in Somaliland due to the lack of food for children and elderly men and women are amassing roads begging for food and water.

Despite the efforts of the government, drought inflicted people are increasing dramatically with life claims received from certain, remote villages in the east regions of Somaliland.