UAE Military Base in Berbera will be existential threat to Somaliland, opposition party says


Hargeisa- The main opposition party of Somaliland, Waddani, strongly opposed the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to establish a military base in Somaliland. The government of Somaliland and UAE entered an agreement giving the UAE a military base at the strategic port of Berbera. The government requires Parliamentary approval to make the agreement legally binding.

The government will present to the Parliament the agreement it concluded with the UAE on 12th February for ratification.

The Secretary General of Waddani, Mohamed Abdilahi, said the military base is existential threat to the sovereignty and independence of Somaliland.

“The base will push Somaliland into a religious based sectarian conflict. It could be used to wage war against Yemen which will drive Somaliland into a war it remained until now a neutral,” he said.

“It will have a negative impact to the historic and important relations between Somaliland and Ethiopia,” he added.

“It is believed that the UAE first received a permission from the government of Somalia. The base could be used to pressure Somaliland to withdraw the declaration of independence and sovereignty,” the secretary said.

He asked the people and the Parliament to reject and unite against the agreement which he said is destructive to Somaliland’s sovereignty.

Source: Somaliland Daily