Somaliland: London Set for Emirati Military Base Protest Demonstrations Outside UAE Embassy


The Independent – Peace-loving Somalilanders will assemble in front of the UAE Embassy in London on THURSDAY, 2NDMarch, 2017 and will express their total refusal to Berbera Sell-out. Your commitment to participate is vital to defend your country against foreign domination. Five basic reasons to come out, stand up and defend your country :
1). Berbera will be the spring board to bomb, destroy and kill innocent Muslim Yemeni civilians , children and women.
2) Strategic Resource Corporation, “Private security & Military South African Contractor” will be sub-contracted to operate and manage Berbera Military Base. The CEO of Strategic Resources Corporation, Mr. Eeben Barlow, was the commander of the South African mercenary forces that bombed Hargeisa in 1988.
3). The Hawk Hunter planes that destroyed Hargeisa in 1988 will be used to maim and kill Yemeni Muslim brothers. For the record, the Hawker Hunter planes that bombed Hargeisa were provided to Siyad Barre Dictator by UAE Government.
4) Somaliland is not part of current Arab regional conflict . Berbera and its residents will be within the range of Scud Missiles and safety of fishing and marine commercial vessels to Berbera Port will be at jeopardy.
5) SAFE OUR CHILDREN :Arabs are well known for their Bi-sexual orientation and romantic attraction to persons of the opposites sex and South African mercenaries are certified alcoholics and womanizers. The reasons are countless. We all honorable Somalilander’s to Come out, stand-up and fight for your country.