Kulmiye Presidential Aspirant Jets Off To Kenya

Kulmiye Presidential Aspirant

By Gulaid Dalha

Somali Commentator  – A delegation led by the presidential aspirant of Kulmiye Ruling Party has left from Hargeisa to Kenya after receiving an official invitation from International Community. The chairman of Kulmiye Hon. Muse Biihi is accompanied by the first deputy chairman of Kulmiye Hon Mohamed Kahin and the Somaliland’s minister of Water Resources, Hon Hussien Abdi Boos.

As stated by the spokesman of the party,Mr Hassan Gaafaadhi, Mr Biihi and his delegation will parley discussions with the International Community. “The delegation headed by the chairman of the Kulmiye Ruling Party, Mr Muuse Biihi will meet top brass officials of the International Community that donate Somaliland in the elections and will discuss issues pertaining bolstering ties between the two sides,” said Hassan Gaafaadhi.

During his stay, the chairman will also meet European countries and will delineate the apocalyptic droughts that have coerced the situation of thousands of Somalilanders.