President Silanyo Returns Home, Lauds The Newly Re-Carpeted Tarmac Road

Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Aka Silanyo

By Gulaid Dalha

Somali Commentator – Following a private holiday to UK, the president of Somaliland H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo on Friday jetted back to Hargeisa, where hundreds of the populace amassed airport waiting for his arrival.

The president was warmly welcomed by the vice president Hon. Abdirahman Zeili’I, the presidential candidate of Kulmiye Party Hon Muse Bihi, president’s special advisor Hon Waran’adde, and other distinguished figures and eminent personalities.

Upon arrival, President Silanyo said, “I am pleased to come back home safely and grateful for your warm welcome.”

On the other hand, president Silanyo inspected the newly re-carpeted tarmac road that links the city to the airport. “It is our duty to work for the nation and carry out projects we had promised our people and this is part of it, Mr President,” said Abdirahman Soltelco, the mayor of Hargeisa.

The president also lauded the mayor and his team for undertaking such huge development for their people. Talking about this matter, the president said, “We are proud of these developments achieved and I praise all the people who worked out on these.”

The minister of Livestock Mr Ukuse who also spoke at the scene rebuffed the flimsy lies peddled that president was too sick and hospitalized. Giving those a good telling-off, “Praise is due to God. We see president Silanyo walking on the tarmac. He is as fit as fiddle.”