Hargeisa Regional Court Sentences Abdi Malik Mouse Oldon To 2 Years Imprisonment


Hargeisa (SC) – Maroodi Jeeh regional court has sentenced Abdi Malik Muse Oldon, a journalist, to two years imprisonment after being facing treasonable charges. The court has claimed that Abdimalik was found guilty over engaging anti Somaliland activities and spreading flimsy lies against Somaliland government.

This follows Abdimalik’s trip to Mogadisho to participate the presidential elections of Somalia, supporting the president-elect who was running the presidency at that time.

The regional court concluded, “It is a crime for any Somalilander to promote or encourage pro-Somalia supports. And anyone caught doing so will be liable to treasonable charges.”

Upon his arrival from Mogadisho, Abdi Malik was arrested in Egal International Airport.