SOMALILAND: Education Ministry Revokes License From Three Unaccredited Universities


Many Education Experts Have Rejoiced The Revocation Of The Certain Universities And Urged The Government To Continue.

Hargeisa (SC) – For the first time in Somaliland’s history, the Education Ministry heralds a new era after revoking the provisional license it granted to three universities in Somaliland.

In a press conference held in the Ministry, the minister of Education and Higher Studies Hon. Abdillahi Ibrahim Habbane has vehemently shunned the accreditation of these three universities. Said he, “Referring to recurrent assessments and evaluations conducted by the Higher Education Commission of Somaliland, we have revoked the license from Togdheer International University (previously called Addis University), Almahad al Aali in Hargeisa and Horn International University College.”

This comes after the three universities failed to fulfill minimum requirements as confirmed by the Education Minister.

The Higher Education Commission has been under tireless efforts over the last two years in assessing universities and adopting recommendations to the minister.

The news has flared up the tension of the country and created waves of jubilance by the educationists. Many education experts have rejoiced the revocation of the certain universities and urged the government to continue. “Mr Habbane’s step has become an affidavit of his tireless, unwavering determination and commitment in the ministry. He really reached a milestone we have always dreamed of,” said Olawiyu, an education expert in an interview with the Independent’s editor—in-chief, Gulaid Dalha.

Somaliland’s Higher Education Commission has also been the whistle-blower as their boss has finally annulled the three suggested universities.

More quelling or Green light?

The indispensable question many people are thinking of is:  will the Education Ministry keep up doing this or will it give the green light to the existing universalities in the country?

In his remarks, Mr Habbane said, “This is the beginning of quality education. We will be working hard to get quality, accredited universities which grant awards to qualified graduates.”

Mr Habbane has also promised that his government will ponder the license of granting university and will review the admission criteria of many existing universities.

Fruitful proceedings taken by the incumbent education minister, Abdillahi Ibrahim Habbane have made him the flag bearer of Silanyo’s government. He adopted new textbooks for both primary and secondary schools and unveiled a more refurbished curriculum which unites all the primary and high schools of Somaliland.