Telesom Awards Expensive Gifts to Winners of the Monthly ‘Hano Hadyadada’ and ‘Aqoonmaal’ Services


Hargeisa, (Somali Commentator) -Somaliland’s leading and largest telecommunication and mobile money transfer service provider, Telesom has on Sunday awarded expensive gifts to 89 customers for winning the prizes of the monthly ‘Hano Hadyadada’ and ‘Aqoonmaal’ programs.

Telesom Company gives monthly gifts to customers who participate the rewards of Hano Hadyadada’ program, where the customers sends short text message of “Abaal-marin” to “111”.  The customers who participate this monthly program are the ones who use Telesom’s mobile data for internet.

The company also awards gifts to the customers who register ‘Aqoonmaal’ service.

The monthly gifts of these two programs include, refrigerators, cloth washers, cooking gas stoves, smartphones, tablet pcs, 4G++ routers & MI-FIs, Koran and as well as other precious gifts.

Among the notable dignitaries attending March month rewards ceremony were members of the company’s top management and Marodijeh region customers who won last month’s awards.

Notable speakers of the ceremony include, company’s senior management and members of the winner customers.

In his opening remarks, Telesom’s marketing department manager Mr. Abdirahman Adan Ismail Aar said that the event was intended to give awards to the customers who won last month’s awards.

“Today we are rewarding 89 customers who use Aqoonmaal and mobile data services” Mr. Aar said while speaking at the ceremony.

Abdirahman Aar also stated that the winning customers of last month’s awards hail from the different regions of the country where the winner customers in every region will receive their precious gifts.

The deputy manager of Telesom’s Sales department mr. Ahmed Sheekh who also spoke at the ceremony stated that the company treats its customers like KING.

In his opening remarks, the head of Telesom Public Relations Department, Mr. Mohamed Abdi Darbo stated that the company’s new headquarters building reflects Telesom’s commitment to invest Gabiley region.

Also speaking at the ceremony, the head of Telesom’s public relations department Mr. Mohamed Abdi Darbo stated that rewarding customers is a part of the communication giant’s corporate responsibility towards support to community.

About Telesom         

Telesom is the largest and the leading Telecom provider in Somaliland. It is owned by Somaliland shareholders and was founded in 2002. Telesom is also one of the biggest employers in the country. It provides a wide diverse of services including GSM, Internet, Zaad services (mobile money payments) electronic voucher, 4G++ , GPRS, 3Gs video conferencing system enabling thousands of business people to increase the profit’s and improve the competitiveness through Telesom’s high quality technological systems.