BY SHAMIRAH ABDALLAH

Development in a country is very crucial and as for Somaliland that hasn’t been granted international recognition yet, it becomes very important as it has to prove itself worthy of the recognition. Notonly can the country prove it by keeping peace and security, but also by having beautiful infrastructures in the country has to be looked upon.  In this sense, construction has become the currently booming business in Somaliland.

Those dayswhen Somaliland had just got its independence, the country was like a complete desert, as the locals say. The country’s state was not pleasing as they had no good infrastructures. But right now, the country is developing at a very high rate.

There were no good road constructions, schools, hospitals and other constructions in the country like it is today. As years go by, Somaliland is developing itself by putting standard infrastructures into existence and in 10 years from now, it is believed that the country will be far better than how it is now.

There are a number of construction companies entrusted in their work of beautifying the country and constructing beautiful buildings. Some of these companies include:

Daryeel Construction Company:

The company operates in both Somalia and Somaliland having an experience of over 25 years in building almost every taste of architecture. The company also has a strong team of widely experienced structural engineers. These personnel have helped the company construct some of the most recognizable buildings in Somalilandlike: Ambassador Hotel, Indhodeero Mall and many others.

Other construction companies include; Najax Construction Company, Al Baraka Construction Company, Habboon Construction Company, Kaah Construction Company, Global Construction Company and among others.

The high demand for new constructions in Somaliland has enabled the youths to get jobs, working on the construction sites under different companies. The opportunity has furtherenabled them to earn a living. This has also possibly helped to decrease the number of idlers in the country.

All that which the companies have to do is to be more creative and innovative. The creativity will help them earn people’s trust basing on what they can do. It will also help them to sustain themselves in the high competitive construction service in Somaliland.