Kulmiye Party Donates Sport Clothing To Squads Participating Football Tournaments At Durqaanta Stadium



Hargeisa (Somali Commentator) Promoting sport activities as a tool of development, youth integration, and peace, Kulmiye party officials at Koodbuur village in Hargeisa have donated sport clothing to squads squaring off for the football tournaments in the holy month of Ramadaan at Durqaanta Stadium.

While football remains the main hobby of Somaliland youth, Kulmiye party officials have handed over the youth footballs, medals, cups and football clothing to all the football grounds where tournaments are taking place. “The awards will be given the winners,” said an official from Kulmiye Party.

On the other hand, the residents of Koodbur village have heaped praise to Kulmiye Party and urged to keep working the positive attitude of youth and social integration.

Source: Kulmiyeparty.org