SLNECB Has Announced Strict Measures To Curb Cheating, Bans Mobile Phones Within The Precincts

Daud Ahmed Farah, SLNECB Chairman

By Gulaid Dalha

Mobile phones are totally forbidden within the precincts of the examination centres.

Hargeisa (Somali Commentator) – Despite the anxiety of candidates taking Somaliland National Exams this year, the chairman of Somaliland National Examination and Certification Board Hon. Daud Ahmed Farah has vehemently shunned the idea of carrying mobile phones at the exam halls. “As you know this year has the slogan of ‘the year of quality education plus fighting against cheating’; therefore, we are warning students against carrying their mobile phones to the examination rooms.”

The office of National Exams has not only boycotted the mobile phones but threatened that any student caught carrying it, will be disqualified. “A student caught carrying mobile phones will not only be disqualified but will regret on wasting his future,” says Daud Ahmed Farah, SLNECB chairman. “To seal loopholes that have previously enabled students cheat the exam, we have banned mobile phones and I emphasize on that” – added the chairman.

During a press conference in his office, Daud reiterated that all supervisors and invigilators have been trained and vetted to make sure that they are dispensing their duties more precisely.

Last month, the chairman of SLNECB made a whistle-stop tour across Somaliland and pointed out how he set about overhauling Somaliland National Exams.

Over the last 2 to 3 years, the ministry has been rocked by secondary school cheating scandal while the ministry refutes the allegations but they point out that students exploit the proliferation of electronic devices and more precisely – mobile phones.

Unlike previous years, when cheating became rampant, this year SLNECB has heaped praise to the education minister Hon. Abdillahi Dhere who is in a tireless effort to keep the situation in control and slay exam cheating dragon.

This comes after a grand conference hosted by ministry of education was held at Maansoor to eradicate the cheating which has recently reached at the climax.

Although Somaliland education is improving these years, yet disasters have been experienced after numerous students cheated the national exams using different tactics and techniques.

To reach a quality education we should fight cheating. This was remarked by the incumbent Minister of Education of Somaliland Hon. Abdillahi Dhere. The minister has similarly urged the parents to tell their children about the negative impacts of cheating on their future careers.