NEC Urges Political Parties to Observe Code of Conduct


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa-The National Electoral Commission and the heads of the three official political Parties fasson Thursday pledged to abide by the Electoral Code of Conduct agreement as the issuing of voter’s cards commenced in Maroodi Jeh and Togdheer regions.

National Electoral Commission chairperson Mr. Abdikadir Iman speaking moments after the signing ceremony said, “The process of issuing the voters shall determine our sovereignty and also the foundations for the holding a free and fair Presidential elections in 2017 but most importantly a peacefully.

“The “freeness” of elections speaks largely to the environment that prevails in the lead up to an election. As the Electoral Commission are committed to fulfil our role in making the issuance of voters cards a success in all six regions of the country”, Mr.
Mr. Abdikadir Iman further warned the three-official national political parties WADDANI, KULMIYE and UCID against engaging in political campaigning during the period.

“Three national political organizations should follow and respect provisions of the national electoral laws, signed codes of conduct, election procedures and campaigning discipline measures to prevent unwanted political behaviours that could distort.