Somaliland: Political Parties Urge Calm After Deadly Clan Skirmishes In El-Afwein


By Gulaid Dalha

The three political parties have wholeheartedly urged the rival clansmen in El-afwein to completely stop the recurrent wars that have caused life claims and severe injuries so far.

In a press conference held at Maansoor Hotel, Hargeisa, the three national parties of Somaliland: KULMIYE, WADDANI and UCID spurred the brethren and called for an immediate cessation of blood spilling.

“We are appealing the rival groups to stop the skirmishes and leave the long-running animosity and recurrent fracas,” said UCID spokesman.

The speaker of Somaliland parliament who is also Waddani party chairman Hon. Irro has sent the same appeal and said, “We, as national parties, sending strong message to the rival clansmen. We are calling on peace and stability.”

The presidential candidate of KULMIYE ruling party Hon. Muse Behi Abdi has called on the swift ceasefire between the fighting clan militias. Delivering his word, he said, “We are disheartened of what has happened in Eel-afweina; we are appealing an urgent cessation of ceasefire. I believe that media outlets are the ones who can play the most indispensable role. They can convey every appeal to the rival clansmen. The government is working hard to bring the situation under control but we are spurring to hasten reconciliation among the clan militias.”


The national parties called the traditional leaders, the religious clerics and the important figures to embark on their endeavors in mediating the deadly recurrent clan skirmishes in order to reach a ceasefire.

Similar strong messages were sent by the Presidency Minister Hon. Mohamoud Hashi, Interior Minister Hon. Faraton and Adami, ordering security forces to take legal measures. The government has also deployed armies to the scene.
In his remarks, Hon. Hashi disheartened the recurring deadly fights and threatened sternly to the inciters and perpetrators that ignited the hostility and animosity among the brethren.

Seven people have died and 18 have injured so far but death toll may surge.

Triggered by recurrent clan-revenge attacks, the fracas may not daunt or exacerbate the voter card distribution exercise as claimed by the three national parties, yet concerns exist among the citizens.