Somaliland: Education Ministry Expels 372 Undocumented Students Over Skipping To High Schools


By Gulaid Dalha

Somali Commentator – As part of the hard work and dedication of Education Ministry this year, more than three hundred and seventy students were suspended from their studies at high schools in Somaliland after being caught over undocumented files.

In a press conference held at the Ministry of Education, the minister of education and higher studies Hon. Abdillahi Ibrahim Habbane has stated that his colleague supervisors have found over 372 undocumented students sitting at private and public schools across the country. “We have suspended these students from getting into the schools unless they bring an affidavit that proves their document. This is not to burden or to impede the students – we cannot sustain quality education until we make sure how students are getting to the classes.”


The minister further went on and said, “Dedicated parents and reluctant ones are not the same.”


This comes while recurrent supervisions have been undertaken by a team led by the head of supervision of MoE Hassan Abdillahi Rooble.

In his remarks, Mr Hassan Abdillahi Rooble, MoE managing supervisor said, “We have undertaken a vast supervision task on more than 250 schools across the country. 18 teams of supervisors undertook the task with 18 vehicles – every school whether private or public was inspected. For example, in Mohamoud Ahmed Ali Secondary school, around 92 undocumented students attend at form two and form three classes and Al-jaseera but did not give any affidavit.Al-jaseera secondary school has 94 undocumented students.”


The director of Somaliland private schools Muse Mohamed Shide better known as Hayakallah who also spoke about the issue confirmed that all schools were aware of the supervision.

Somaliland education system has been tremendously developing over the last two years since Abdillahi Dhere has come to office after the appointment of Silanyo.

It was a month ago when Somaliland National Exams was concluded. Unlike previous years, this year the cheating was highly curbed as SLNECB Hon. Daud Ahmed Farah confirmed to Somali Commentator.

Click below to see the list of undocumented students with their full names.

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