Polling Booths Arrive in Somaliland, NEC Chairman Avows


By Gulaid Dalha

With the proximity of Somaliland elections, NEC has officially staggered its activities after receiving 4000 polling booths.

Upon arriving, the chairman of NEC Abdikadir Eman has told to the press that the first part of the election equipment has arrived on time and that they are on task to avoid any shirking.

“As you see, here is Egal International Airport. We have received 4000 voting booths. This is the internationally used equipment for elections. The remaining of the equipment will arrive on the 13th of October,” said Abdikadir Iman.

NEC chairman has also stated that the election will take place in its slated time. He further went on and said, “There will be no further delays – elections will happen and everything is ready for us now.”

Three national parties: Kulmiye, UCID and WADDANI are running for the country’s highest position – the presidency this year.