Noradin Schools Award: Countrywide Top Performer Walks Away With A Brand New Car, Girls Receive Gold Award

Deputy Education Minister Awards Kalid An Extravagant Medal

 By Gulaid Dalha

Noradin Schools managing director heralds new history for Somaliland after honoring top performers in national exams for extravagant awards

Somali Commentator – Touted as the leading school in Somaliland, Noradin Schools awarded a brand new car to Kalid Odawa who set a new record in Somaliland National Exams after scoring 924 points out of the 1000 points early morning on Wednesday.

In a glitzy ceremony held at Noradin Girls High School which attracted high ranking dignitaries, top brass officials of Education Ministry, religious clerics and distinguished guests, the managing director of Noradin Schools Hagi Mahad Ibrahim Mohamed awarded precious good to the seven girls who also led the top ten girls nationwide in SLNECB exams.

Similarly, the managing director handed over laptops and extravagant medals to another three boys from Noradin Boys High School who were among the top ten nationwide exams.

In his remarks, Mr Mahad said, “This is the 11th year in which Noradin secures highest positions in National Exams. Here, we will award a brand new car, precious gold, medals and laptops to the brilliant students who secured 11 topmost positions out of the 20 in National Exams.”

Ultimate Accolade To Dahabshil

Hagi Mahad lauded Dahabshiil for their continuous support to Noradin schools, exemplifying the current building of Noradin Girls High School and the company’s investment. The director stated that Dahabshil was the premier contributor and was unparalleled in its support to Noradin Schools – hearing rapturous ovation after that.

“We are indebted to the teachers and principals for their dedication and tireless efforts. We are also thanking the parents for their effective collaboration with the school”, said Hagi.Mahad.

Vision And Mission

Reiterating the landslide victory over their rivals and their tricky way to success, the director said, ” We have vision and mission. We definitely know the thorny way ahead but we also know a good way to cross it. Our vision is to back the country with scholars that lead the nation towards prosperity and ebullience.

The Band On The Podium

Meanwhile, a well trained band later stood on the podium singing the special song for Noradin Schools “a cappella”(a song without music). Chanted, the group presented how Noradin offers broad knowledge to the students of Somaliland, gaining rapturous applause.


Sh Adam Haji Mohamoud better known as Adan Siiro who also spoke at the venue has revealed the instantaneous progress of Noradin Schools in terms of education and politeness. Said he, “After profound considerations, we finally chose for Noradin to teach our daughters and sons. That is why we preferred Noradin Schools from the other schools in the region.”

Speaking about the impact of knowledge on man, Sh Siiro said, “Knowledge leads the nation; knowledge rules, but money is ruled.”

The state minister for Education Hon. Mohamed H. Adan has lauded Noradin for being on the top when it comes to National Exams. He also stated that his ministry has curbed cheating this year. “This year the MoE of Somaliland has curbed the rampant cheating orchestrated by groups and took strict measures against it. Nevertheless, we are praising Noradin students for their self-confidence, academic excellence and victory in National Exams,” said State Minister for Education.

Congratulating on the victory, Kadra Haji Gayd, Presidency Director General, praised Noradin for being on the frontline of success in National Exams, and at the same time urged the school to continue their strive and endeavours. “Noradin will not lead Somaliland but the neighboring countries as well,” said Kadra.

In brief remarks at the ceremony, the deputy minister of education pointed out that through hard work, unwavering determination and commitment, Noradin reached the climax. The deputy minister also reminded the gathered audience that life depends on knowledge. …. has also lauded Noradin Schools for their outstanding contribution to the education sector of Somaliland.